ARCTEST – Environmental Test Equipment

Environmental Test EquipmentEnvironmental Test Equipment

Climate Test Chambers

  • Climate Test Cabinets
  • Size: 150…3000 litre

Climate Test Rooms

  • Size: 2000 litres <  
  • Element wall designs and Hermetically seald wealded rooms

Mobile Test Chambers

  • Containers, Chest models, cabinets
  • Size: 150 litres <

Shelf Life Monitoring Rooms 

  • Size: 2000 litres <

Plant Growth Chambers

  • Size: 2000 litres <
    Different light options, for example Valoyas LED growth lights

Temperature range: -80…+180°C
Humidity range: 10…98%RH
Additional equipment for example:

Cable ports of different size, shelves, efficient cooling with LN2 or CO2, UV-lights, rain etc.

ALL Chambers are Tailored made according to customer specifications

Reliable Environmental Technology

Much is demanded of environmental test equipment. When one product is being tested the next is already waiting for its turn. The tests go on from hour to hour and from month to month stressing the product. The humidity equipment must work without disturbances throughout the whole test. Disturbances cause extra costs and result in an unreliable outcome. A  reliable equipment is also economical thanks to low maintenance and repair costs.

In the equipment they plan and manufacture Arctest draw special attention to the control accuracy, the environmental smoothness and the performance in order to carry out the demanding test standards. By choosing the right components, an economical use is achieved year after year. In addition to the standard models Arctest manufactures also equipment in accordance with the customers' wishes.

Environmental Testing as Part of Quality Control

With increasing competition companies mostly test their products in controlled conditions before introducing them on the market. The testing enables you to find out the durability of the product in varying conditions. In this way the quality of the product improves and the problems decrease.

For the product testing various test standards have been set out for e.g. electricity components, brick and concrete. The test standards define temperature and humidity accuracy as well as length and variety of the test periods. UV-radiation and sprinkler irrigation can be used as extra accessories. Both these are used e.g. when testing building materials and constructions.

There are also special implementations of environmental test cabinets, such as vacuum chambers.

The vacuum enables testing of components and parts necessary in the space technology. Vacuum and temperature walk hand in hand and a certain vacuum correspond to a certain height above the ground.  As for the temperature it falls when the height increases.

The use range of the environmental test equipment is very wide and the electronics industry is its largest user group. The testing start from single components and end in whole equipment unities. Another important use range is testing of building materials, e.g. bricks, concrete, doors and windows.  Seam leakages of the elements as well as leakages and standing against rain of window units can be examined.

The plant growth chambers form its own special field for examining plants, trees, bryophytes and other biological substances. By using plant growth chambers the year cycle can be shortened considerably. Normally temperature, humidity, daylight and CO2 are adjustable parameters. Furthermore the plants can be watered as per desired rhythm.

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