ARTCTEST Environmental Rooms

Arctest's very accurate and high-class environmental rooms are widely used i.a. by the industry and universities in their test and product development laboratories. 

The environmental rooms demand very high accuracy in varying test runs, reliability during long-time use and appropriate room for the customer's product that is tested. 

The rooms manufactured by Arctest fulfil even the most demanding conditions.

The environmental rooms are tailored in accordance with the customer's need.


Realization in accordance with customer's need starting from a microprocessor controlling unit with its data collecting and PC implementation up to complete monitoring programs.

The controller unit is chosen according to the needs and testdemands from the customer.

Temperature Ranges

The temperature ranges can be chosen as per IEC, MIL etc.

Low temperatures +20°C, -40°C, -55°C, -80°C

High temperatures +70°C, +100°C, +125°C, +180°C

Sensor used are high-class Pt100


Humidity control range 10...98% within the temperature range +20...90°C.

Humidity sensor e.g. Vaisala HMP series including also temperature sensor.


Normally the rooms are equipped, 50-100 mm ports, work light’s, necessary warning systems and alarm.

Available Accessories

Ports of different sizes, shelfs, intensified cooling by LN2 or CO2, UV and IR radiation,

Water, etc.

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