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Plant Growth Chambers


The A1000 plant growth chamber offers the unique ability to adapt to four different research applications in an economical equipment platform. The base chamber itself can be fitted with one of four specially configured kits, and each kit is specifically designed for a particular application including: Plant Growth, Arabidopsis, Tissue Culture, and Incubation. By varying the configuration of the airflow, light, and shelving, each kit defines one of the four applications. 



The ATC40 employs a top-mounted refrigeration system. This design minimizes the product footprint, accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and simplifies on-site installation. Using two shelves, each with 800 mm of growth height, the ATC40 offers nearly 3.7 m2 of growth area and accommodates medium to large size plants. This combination of features provides an excellent product for growing Arabidopsis from seed to full maturity, as well as other taller, medium-light plant species. Standard on the ATC40 is a flood tray at each tier to simplify plant irrigation.



The ATC60 provides an exceptional growth-area-to-footprint ratio. It uses a top-mounted refrigeration system that accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and that simplifies on-site installation. The ATC60 offers three tiers with almost 5.5 m2 of growth area in a 2.32 m2 footprint. With a growth height of 510 mm above each shelf, the ATC60 is ideally suited for Arabidopsis and other short to medium height plants. Standard on the ATC60 is a flood tray at each tier to simplify plant irrigation. 



The BDW series walk-in chamber is based on a modular platform available in increments of 3.7 m2. These units offer a precise chamber environment typical of research involving C4 high-light plants grown to maturity. Unique to this product is the top-down airflow pattern which ensures consistent plant canopy temperatures throughout the chamber. Spectral aluminum on the interior walls produces exceptional light uniformity, while the discreet lamp loft area uses a separate cooling system to mitigate heat produced by the lighting system. 



The E8 is a highly customizable plant growth chamber capable of achieving extreme conditions of temperature, lighting levels, and humidity. The product is well suited for research applications requiring a high level of control in a relatively small footprint. In addition to customizable environmental control parameters, options are also available for growth height, gas levels, and a variety of refrigeration configurations. The E8 offers a minimum growth height of 1180mm in an 0.74m2 growth area. Please consult Conviron for your specific requirements.


he E7/2 offers two independently controlled growth areas in a single unit making this model ideally suited for applications where smaller experiments need to be conducted in different environments, all in a small footprint. Despite its limited footprint, the E7/2 offers over 585mm of growth height in each compartment and over 0.76m2 of total growth area. Please consult Conviron for your specific requirements. 


PGC Flex

The PGC FLEX offers the ultimate in flexibility. In its standard configuration, the chamber operates as a single-tier highlight growth chamber with a counterbalanced light canopy and upward airflow. A simple conversion alters the chamber’s configuration to either a double or triple tier configuration with medium light intensity and horizontal airflow. In a footprint slightly larger than 2 m2, the FLEX provides either 1.8 m2, 3.6 m2, or 5.2 m2 of growth area with corresponding growth heights of 1520 mm, 635 mm, and 355 mm, respectively. The unique flexibility of the PGC FLEX makes it ideal for use in facilities with multiple research programs.



The G1000 is specifically designed for consistent, uniform seed germination. To accommodate a wide range of seed types the G1000 features a temperature range from +4°C to +40°C – the lower temperatures being advantageous for prechilling to overcome dormancy. The high humidity of the unit (up to 98%) ensures adequate moisture is available for seeds, while the horizontal airflow design ensures excellent temperature and humidity uniformity throughout the growing area. The user adjustable fan speed further enhances airflow control. Externally mounted cool white fluorescent lights enable equivalent light intensities at all temperature ranges for more consistent germination. While the small 836l footprint is ideal for labs where space is limited. Shelving is also vertically adjustable so that you can accommodate the full range of germination methods such as paper, soil, containers or other prescribed methods.



The BDR16 is designed for high-end plant physiology research where tight performance is critical to ensure a consistent plant canopy temperature throughout the chamber. To achieve tight performance, this unit employs a constant temperature lamp bank, cooled by the refrigeration system, which results in a constant light intensity output regardless of operating temperature. With 1650 mm of growth height and 1.5 m3 of growth area, the BDR16 accommodates tall plants to maturity. Please consult Conviron regarding specific requirements.


For more information: http://www.conviron.com/product-category-browse-all/plant-growth-research#


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