ARCTEST – Environmental Test Equipment

Environmental Test Equipment

Climate Test Chambers

  • Climate Test Cabinets
  • Size: 150…3000 litre

Climate Test Rooms

  • Size: 2000 litres <  
  • Element wall designs and Hermetically seald wealded rooms

Mobile Test Chambers

  • Containers, Chest models, cabinets
  • Size: 150 litres <

Shelf Life Monitoring Rooms 

  • Size: 2000 litres <

Plant Growth Chambers

  • Size: 2000 litres <
    Different light options, for example Valoyas LED growth lights

Temperature range: -80…+180°C
Humidity range: 10…98%RH
Additional equipment for example:

Cable ports of different size, shelves, efficient cooling with LN2 or CO2, UV-lights, rain etc.

ALL Chambers are Tailored made according to customer specifications

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