There is a long and successful history behind Arctest.

Since 1986 Arctest has been the leading manufacturer of environmental test equipment on the Finnish market. Arctest also manufactures cryogenic liquid receivers and sub-contracts laboratory equipment. 

The company was founded in 1986 by Matti Litmanen and Pentti Kouhio, so its roots go more than 30 years back in time. The original founders have now retired and in January 2013 the business was sold to representatives of the next generation. The new owners Johan Kinnula and Lauri Forsström continue to develop and strengthen the company by treasuring the know-how, skill and traditions which have made Arctest successful during the past years. Today Arctest is a leading Nordic manufacturer of environmental test equipment with own sales office in both Finland and Sweden.

The principles of our production are careful planning and reliable components supported by a high-class maintenance service.

Among our customers there are leading companies and research institutes within their branches such as NOKIA, Vaisala, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Ericsson, SGS Fimko, SAAB Bofors Test Center, Phizer, Finnish Armed Forces and ABB.  All of these and many others have found Arctest a reliable partner.

The export is global and in Europe we work primarily through local partners.


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