Products meant for long and reliable use, demand product development and testing of high quality.

For decades Arctest has achieved reputation as producer of high quality environmental test equipment. Over and over again the customers choose Arctest's products for their environmental testing.

Much is demanded from environmental test equipment. They must operate smoothly and without disturbances during long test runs. The tests are carried out in very demanding conditions such as extreme cold, heat or humidity. Reliable equipment is also economical and long lasting as well as user and maintenance friendly, not to forget very accurate control properties and uniform conditions.

We deliver environmental test cabinets, chambers and rooms, most of which are tailored solutions according to the customers' need.

Among others:

  • Environmental test rooms and chambers
  • Heat cabinets
  • Shelf life monitoring rooms
  • Plant growth chambers
  • Laboratory and medicine freezers
  • Cryogenic liquid receivers

For all the above uses we can construct a product in accordance with the customer's wishes and specifications. Arctest acts flexibly at the customers' terms. Our professional and experienced maintenance and installation personnel guarantee an excellent and fast service.

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