Rain tests serves to evaluate and to qualify in alphanumeric form the samples and its encapsulations, depending of their protection level aganst exernal agents. The classification of the protection degree are specified by numbers IP XY (Y = from 1 to 7).

• Volumes: From 512 to 1.000 liters

– Workspace manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 316 (18/8).
– Rain arc: fixed and oscillating with adjustable position from 0ºC till 350ºC.
– Rotary sample platform with regulation in height and rotator speed
– Exterior: manufactured in steel and painted according RAL-9010
– Observation window with frame
– Board of flexible silicone seal around the frame to ensure a tight seal of the door
– 4 silent blocks.
– Access port 80 mm.
– Closed water circuit circulation.
– Rotameter precision, with control valve for measuring water flow.
– Manometer and pressure regulation
– Control panel in ergonomic position.

– Customized solutions
– Drop box for 1 and 2 degrees
– Jett nozzles for IPX5, IPX6 and IPX6K
– Accessories for standard JIS 0203 , R1 y R2 (shower test), S1 and S2 (rain test)
– Accessories for test DIN 40050 Part 9, IPX4K

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