Each container we deliver is unique, both in size and function and can be obtained from 10 feet up to 40 feet in length. The container can be divided into separate test compartments for different tests simultaneously such as cooling down to -70C in one compartment and heating up to + 180C in another or as a large compartment for bulky test objects. Of course it is possible to supplement with 20 -95%RH, sunlight or for example rain simulation as well as custom shelving systems that do not affect the air flow in the container.

The container's control system can be supplied with various configurations such as manual control for eg stability test or automatic control for cyclic tests.

All of our containers meet the market's requirements for standards, safety and ease of use. Always flexible solution:

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Optional sizes from 10 to 40 feet
Different container sizes in width or heights can be produced.

Standard or enhanced container.
Temperature range from -70 to + 180C
Moisture, RH 20 - 95%
Different thicknesses of panels depending on application.

Different internal finishes.
Reinforced floor for heavy test objects.
Standard or customized doors with manual or automatic opening. Always equipped with emergency opening from the inside.

Selectable accessories (example):

Color of the container

Truck exchanger system

Shelf systems or lifting devices for heavy objects.

Internal light in the test room.

Entrance protection for rain or sunlight.

burglary protection

20" Temperature container
Test compartment 20" testcontainer
Container lifting device for transport
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