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ARCTEST Tailored products

Products Tailored for Environmental Testing are Arctest's Best Know-How

Environmental equipment tailored in accordance with the customer's needs decreases the dependency on field tests and shortens substantially the time between development and launching of the product. When the test equipment is designed to fit the customer's own needs, the tests get more reliable and faster and furthermore the equipment is thus part of the user's own process.

When the environmental test cabinet or room is tailored, the customer can specify temperatures (cold/warm), humidity, sizes/types/quantity of doors and windows, exact size of cabinet or room, position/sizes/quantity of ports, shelves etc. The equipment can also be provided with water irrigation/rain, UV-radiation and of course a regulator that serves the customer's own needs.

With our equipment the customers can make tests in almost arctic conditions in the summer or respectively in burning heat in the winter. Before all the customer can make reliably repeated tests. Already for decades Arctest has been known as manufacturer of high-class environmental test cabinets and rooms. Again and again the customers choose Arctest's products for environmental tests.

Size & Model

The size can be anything between a small 50 litre special cabinet to a big drive in room for trucks and buses. The form can be a, vertical cabinet, chest model horizontal cabinet, container, rectangular room etc. The door can be a single or double door, or a sliding door etc. There can be several doors and windows according to needs.


Realization in accordance with customer's need starting from a microprocessor controlling unit with its data collecting and PC implementation up to complete monitoring programs.

The controller unit is chosen according to the needs and test demands from the customer.

Temperature Ranges

The temperature ranges can be chosen as per IEC, MIL etc.

Low temperatures +20°C, -40°C, -55°C, -80°C

High temperatures +70°C, +100°C, +125°C, +180°C

Temperature change speed, to be decided case by case

Sensor used are high-class Pt100


Humidity control range 10...98% within the temperature range +10...90°C.

Humidity sensor e.g. Vaisala HMP series including also temperature sensor.

Available Accessories

Ports of different sizes, shelfs, intensified cooling by LN2 or CO2, UV, LED and IR radiation, water, work light’s, necessary warning systems and alarm. etc.

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