One of the main destructive agents of nature is corrosion, being one of the main causes of economic losses. To simulate the resistance that may have a material throughout its useful life in a short period of time, are used the Salt Spray Chambers of salt spray, which consists of a corrosive attack accelerated by an artificial saline fog of composition, in the precise conditions of temperature and pressure.
Standards like: ASTM B117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021, JIS Z 2371, etc establish a guide of test parameters to simulate the most aggressive atmospheres.
The application of these chambers includes different sectors such as automotive, aeronautical, railway, paintings, etc.
When the dimensions of the pieces are excessively big for a standard chamber, the solution is a visited chamber (walk-in), offering the capacity to do the test without cut the piece.

• Volumes:                    From 140 liters to 2.000 liters
• Temperature range:    From Room to +50ºC
• Humidity range:         100% RH

– Control panel, management of the test Automat, regulation of the workspace temperature, water boiler level, regulation of the spray pressure, manometer for regulation of the air pressure.
– Workspace made in glass fiber and polyester resin
– Workspace heating elements with great uniformity in the dispersion of the heat
– External structure made in stainless steel
– Colorless top cover, made in transparent methacrylate, with double angle of 30º to avoid the dropping in the samples.
– Watertight seal by wet joint
– Set of samples support bars
– High accuracy temperature probe.
– Uniform spray system with low solution consumption.

– Additional elements to do SWAT tests
– SSC/CH, combined chambers of humidistatic test and salt spray test, manufactured in the same equipment.
– Special samples-racks
– Reservoir tank (200 liters) manufactured over one structure
– Pluviometers to collect the precipitate
– Pneumatic actuator to open the canopy with control on control panel.
– Temperature data logger

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