Thermal Shock Chambers

The basket for samples has a frontal door for access to the workspace. Vertical or horizontal construction, with two zones of test communicated with a moveable platform. Each zone have observation window and internal light. Temperature range of each zone up to +250°C in the heat compartment and -70°C in the cold zone. There are possibilities to measure the temperature in air or at/in the samples, depending of the standards. The recovery time in each zone are according with the standards. All the control elements are placed in an ergonomical position for a more comfortable use. The heated compartment can have the option to work with humidity control, like a climatic chamber.

There are 3 standarized models defined by the the size of the basket: 16 liters with basket of 3 x 250mm, 64 liters with basket of 3 x 400mm and 166 liters with basket of 3 x 550mm.

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