Arctic Cold, Burning Heat and Tropical Humidity – Arctest at its Best

Products meant for long and secure use demand advanced product development and testing. Qualitative equipment well planned for environmental testing and tailored according to the customer's need reduces the dependence of  field tests and shortens substantially the lead time between product development and launching.

Thanks to  Arctest equipment the customer can perform the testing in almost arctic conditions in the summer or correspondingly in burning heat in the winter. Before all the customer is offered possibilities to perform reliably repeated tests. For decades Arctest has achieved reputation as producer of qualitative first-rate environmental test equipment. Over and over again the customers choose Arctest's products for their environmental tests.

Much is demanded from environmental test equipment. They must operate perfectly without disturbances during long test runs in very demanding conditions such as extreme cold, heat or humidity.  Reliable equipment is also very economical, durable as well as user and maintenance friendly, not to forget the very accurate control properties and regular conditions.

The equipment produced and imported by Arctest fulfils all the demands set on environmental test equipment. Our business is based on long standing customer relations founded on confidence and good experience of our equipment. Our production is grounded on thorough planning and the use of reliable components supported by high-level maintenance service. In this way we secure a long life cycle for our products.


We deliver environmental test cabinets, chambers and rooms which mostly are solutions tailored according to the customer's wishes.

- Environmental test rooms and chambers
- Shelf life monitoring rooms
- Heat cabinets
- Growth chambers
- Laboratory and medicine freezers and refrigerators
- Nitrogenic liquid  receivers and freezers
- Cryogenic liquid receivers

For all the above uses we can build the product according to the customer's wishes and specifications. Arctest acts flexibly on the customers' terms.

Our professional and experienced maintenance and installation personnel guarantee a good and fast maintenance for our products.

Among our customers there are leading companies and research institutes within their branches such as NOKIA, Vaisala, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, SGS Fimko, ABB and the Army. All of these and many others have found Arctest a reliable partner.

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Arctest Oy invest more and more in the export of both environmental testing and marketing of the liquid receivers.  The export is primarily carried out through thoroughly chosen local partners. We are actively looking for new partners/retailers both in and outside Europe.

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